Stay Safe From Ticks and Mosquitoes with These Tips

Mosquitoes and ticks are dangerous. Their bites are unpleasant enough, but they can also transmit several dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease. You need to take some precautions to stay safe if you are in an area that has any of the pests. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to protect yourself if you keep a few mosquito and tick safety tips in mind.


Stay Covered

Most insects will only bite if they can get at your skin, so one of the easiest ways to stay safe is to stay covered. Wear shirts with long sleeves, and be sure to tuck it in so that the bugs can’t enter from below. If you are particularly worried, you can even wear gloves to cover more of your body and increase your security.

Remove Breeding Grounds

The best way to avoid bites is to make sure that there is nothing around to bite you. That isn’t an option if you’re hiking through the wilderness, but it is a great idea for your own home.

You can get started by draining all of the stagnant water around your property and cleaning up piles of wood or other spots with sheltered crevices. Those are the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes and ticks, so getting rid of them will reduce the odds of dealing with the next generation. Most of the insects will not live for very long, so doing this can clear up an infestation within a few weeks if you manage to get rid of all of the nesting sites.

Use Repellents

Chemical repellents are an effective tool for staying safe is regions that are full of insects. They’re easy to use, but it can be hard to pick one out. Some last longer than others, or work better against specific pests.

Fortunately, the EPA has created a search tool to help people figure out which type of repellent will meet their needs. Once you have picked your repellent, be sure to read the instructions carefully to make sure that you use it properly. It is never safe to assume that you know how a repellent will work, since they all have subtle differences. Best to play it safe and check the instructions prior to use!

Get Help

It can be hard to deal with mosquitoes and ticks, especially if they have had the time to turn into a major problem in your area. If that is the case, you are generally better off getting help than trying to deal with it on your own. Professionals are much better at spotting breeding sites and applying sprays than the average person, and the bugs can be dangerous enough that it is best to let them handle it instead of taking chances on your own.

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