Things You Should Consider Before Moving to Pittsburgh

Ranking high on the list of tech-savvy cities in the world, Pittsburgh is known for its many green initiatives. This 66th-largest city of the USA, and the 2nd populous city in the State of Pennsylvania, is home to several attractions and neighborhoods. Once called the “Steel City”, Pittsburgh has an expanding economy, smart educational opportunities, thriving art communities and fun places to revel in. It also boasts a passionate fan following of the Steelers (NFL), the Pirates (MLB) and Penguins (NHL), making it an energetic and sports-friendly place to reside in.

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Moving to Pittsburgh can be an overwhelming step if you don’t know what to expect. You may have to use a guide to find the right community that matches your lifestyle needs and comforts. Be it the ease of commuting to your workplace or kids’ school, proximity to amenities or health facilities, or how close your gym is, you need to consider a few things beforehand.

Here are some pro tips to guide your shift to Pittsburgh.

1.        Spruce up your navigation skills

Downtown Pittsburgh or the Golden Triangle can be maze-like with its confusing intersections. You will find the city converging at the Point State Park. If you are planning to set up your base during summers, gear up for long stints of firework displays, picnics, concerts and large public gatherings in the Downtown areas. It’s critical to familiarize yourself with the layout of roads beforehand to avoid hassles while commuting for work or leisure.

2.        Know where to cross your bridges

Pittsburgh is flush with scenic ravines and rivers that contribute to its nickname, “The City of Bridges.” You may want to head to your favorite bridges to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, or simply spend some time enjoying their beauty on free days.

3.       Comfortable weather conditions

If you are a person of all seasons, you will love the weather in Pittsburgh. Winters are quite cold but not frigid. You may want to choose an apartment having east-facing windows to let the morning warmth in on colder days. Springs are mild and pleasant. The season provides plenty of outdoor opportunities to enjoy with family and friends. Summers can be rated as hot but the mercury does not raise enough to keep you indoors. If you are a fall-lover, then be prepared for spectacular photo shoots in scenic environs.

Real estate scene in Pittsburgh

The marketplace is upbeat with the tech-city providing lucrative job opportunities, desirable neighborhoods, and new developments with modern amenities. It’s best to use a guide when you start house-hunting in Pittsburgh. The process of finding the best-fit location, living conditions and the price that matches with your budget can be a daunting one.

Get Your Dream Home for ‘Steel’

The humid summers and icy winters of Pittsburgh can impact the location, age and accessibility of your next address in Pittsburgh. Strive to get first-hand information about its various neighborhoods, seasonal price shifts and all that concerns your day-to-day living. Use a guide to make an informed decision and choose accordingly. The right resources in the real estate space will help you decipher the ground rules of moving in and buying the perfect dream home in Pittsburgh. Reach out  to the experts, today.









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