How to Choose a New Set of External Doors for Your Home

The first impression of your home counts before you greet someone with a smile. The front door yields protection to the entire home besides leaving a lasting impact on your visitors. If you have been thinking of giving your home a significant makeover, you may consider a few of the latest external doors that are dominating the market. It is going to be another excellent opportunity to deliver your home décor statement with style.

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Here is a simple guide to provide insight into buying external doors:


The basic priorities


Doing your research is a critical step to buying new doors. After all, you will not like to purchase doors with a size and style that do not match the frame. There are also a few other critical areas that you need to consider while replacing your existing doors.


Know your preferences


You will find a wide range of external doors made of different materials out in the market. However, you must understand the minute variations to pick the best option for your home. You will be overwhelmed with a wide variety of options ranging from contemporary designs with modern looks to old country styles with a classic gaze.




PVCu is an excellent door material that resists harsh weather, lasts longer, and goes low on maintenance. You will not be compromising on quality in the end. The market shows you through a plethora of PVCu options that are known for security, safety, and energy efficiency. IT even comes with a dual glaze to catch your attention. You may choose one with a great finish, and that includes the green or blue wood grain.


Aluminium and metal


If you are among those that are looking for additional security, then you may look forward to aluminium and metal doors. They will give you that modern and clean appearance. You will not require any varnishes and paints to make them appear neat and clean. These doors are also much easier to maintain besides being tough. They will always ensure a contemporary and sleek feel as they come with a great finish.




The wood front doors come in a plethora of colours and styles. You may either go with the contemporary ones or may stick to the classic variety. Among a host of color variations, you may pick and paint the latest doors in oak or pine veneers. These doors will even come with a prime-coat to make things easier for you. It is certainly an excellent option for the environment and home as the manufacturers source the timber quite sustainably.


White oak veneer


The front doors composed of white oak are always in trend and are designed to last. You may put your finishing touch as they come prepared for stain. The market offers doors that come with elevated moulding and unique decoration with glazing panels. It helps in developing that classy look for your entrance.


Getting the right measurements


After you have zeroed in on your choice of doors, it is time you take the right measures. It will help you in placing the door correctly within the frame.


Begin measuring the bottom, middle, and top of your frame so that it fits in well with space. Deduct 10mm from the smallest of all three measurements, and you will find out the width of the new ones.

Measure the stretch at the right, middle, and left for now. Consider the smallest measurement and 10mm from it to measure the height of your doors. You must also remember to measure the upper side of the current door sill if you need to replace it.  Once you place an appropriate door at the entrance, it will change the overall look of your home.


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