Put Off Your Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Check


You want to keep your house comfortable all year long. One way you do so is to ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed to keep the cold air outside in the winter and cold air inside in the summer. You also upgraded to double-paned windows years ago, and the indoor environment couldn’t be better. Do you get your HVAC system checked twice a year, however? If you don’t, you might find yourself in for a long, hot summer. Here are some reasons why you should schedule spring and fall AC maintenance.


Avoid Breakdowns


Simply put, your air conditioner needs maintenance just like your automobile does. This complex machine has four separate systems that work in tandem to cool your home when the mercury rises. If any of the systems fail, the AC fails. In fact, if any of the systems fail, you could face higher repair bills if additional damage occurs. Make certain to schedule your spring ac maintenance to get all four components ready for summer. You don’t want it to break down once you need it.


Maintain Warranty Stipulations


When you had your new air conditioner installed, it came with a warranty. Did you know that if you don’t follow a regular maintenance schedule, however, you might void that warranty? This would not be good in the event you need to fall back on it, so keep it in force. Read the manufacturer’s warranty stipulations and abide by them. This likely includes spring and fall maintenance to keep the unit in top operating order. Don’t end up in a financial lurch by failing to schedule a maintenance visit.


Reduce Energy Bills


Because the AC has four components that work together to cool your indoor air, the more maintained they are the more efficient they run. You can probably figure the rest out but it’s worth stating anyway. The more efficient your air conditioner operates, the less your energy bills. If the system has a portion of it on the verge of failure, it will work harder in its efforts to maintain the temperature you set on the thermostat. Reduce your energy bills by maintaining your AC’s operating efficiency.


Reduce Whining


Finally, be completely honest with yourself. Do you feel like going through an entire summer listening to the “it’s hot” whines? No, you don’t, so don’t risk an AC failure by your own failure to have a professional give it the once-over in the spring. Summer is family time. The kids are out of school and you are ready to enjoy your time with them. Keep everyone happy and having fun by ensuring the indoor temperature stays where it should be throughout a hot day. Your kids will thank you.


Avoid this scenario. The weather has finally warmed. You walk over to the thermostat and switch it to cool. You set your desired indoor temperature. You flip the switch to on. Nothing happens. No click, no motor, no cool air. Spring AC maintenance and fall heater maintenance give your unit or units the TLC they need to do their jobs effectively. When you add to that lower energy bills, you win twice in one year.

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