The Pros & Cons of Different Termite Treatment Options

Termites are small pests that can greatly damage the structure of a home, or even destroy it, if not properly exterminated. There are different termite treatment options for you to consider and it is critical that you select the best one for you and your needs. According to a blog post on, termite treatment should not be avoided. Below are the three main types of treatments, as well as the pros and cons to utilizing each one.


  1. Baiting


Baiting is a process of setting up “bait stations” around the home in areas that termites are usually found. Similar to mouse traps, the stations are filled with termite food which is laced with poisonous chemicals. Once the termites take the laced food the poison is transported back to the colony and helps to kill the termites there.


  • Pros: This method uses small amounts of toxins, so it proves to be a somewhat eco-friendly option, and can be used where other pesticides may be prohibited.
  • Cons: Since the toxins are so limited it does not prove to be a fast acting system. It also does not aid in preventing future infestations.


Baiting has shown to be most effective if you are testing for a termite infestation or if it has just begun and is not far spread.


  1. Liquid Treatment


There are a few different liquid treatment options, however they all follow the same basic principles. The liquid is strategically placed at key termite entry points around the home. The liquid treatments can be categories by two options: repellants and poisons. Once applied the repellant liquid treatments serve double duty by trapping termites that are already in the house and keeping out termites that are outside the home. Poisonous liquid treatments do not act as a barrier, but rather behave similar to the poison used in the baiting system and helps to limit the size of the colony.


  • Pros: These methods are newer than the baiting method and have proven to be more effective at solving an infestation problem upon the first attempt.
  • Cons: Liquid treatments contain more pesticides and toxins, which can be hazardous and are therefore restricted in certain areas, such as near water supplies.


  1. Fumigation


The fumigation process is completed by covering the entire house with a tent and pumping a poisonous air mixture into the home under pressure to get into the cracks of the walls and exterminate all termites.


  • Pros: It is a highly effective treatment process and kills the termites quickly.
  • Cons: It is usually saved as a last resort. Fumigations tend to be expensive and restricts use of the home during the process.


Depending upon the extent of the infestation within your home and your particular desires, any of the aforementioned treatment options could be best suited for you. Even within each of the three treatments there are different variations and levels to choose from to fit your specific needs. There are also other options available, however these are the most common. For more details on these and other options, such as green pest control options, contact your local pest control company today.

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