The Disastrous and Dreaded Leak in the Roof

There are few things in life that will worry a homeowner more than a leaky roof. Cracked window? Not a big deal. Water heaters not working? It can be fixed in no time. However, a leaky roof can be both expensive to fix and can ruin everything underneath it. Most of the time it is not an easy fix either. The whole roof may have to be replaced.


Does Insurance Cover the Fix?

Home insurance is not that expensive to have. But part of the reason why home insurance does not cost an arm and a leg is that it does not cover many things. Basically, your house has to have damage done to it by nature for insurance to kick in. If hail or wind damages the roof, then you can expect the insurance to help. If the roof is leaking because it is getting up there in age or the people that installed it did a shoddy job, you are on your own.


Other Problems that Might Arise

As if a leaky roof is not trouble enough, there can be other circumstances that arise because of the water coming inside the house. For one, there are usually electrical wires located in the attic or ceiling. If water gets on the wrong wire, it can cause a fire. In addition, once things get wet you are always in danger of mold. Anyone that has had to have mold remediation completed knows that it is very costly. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow, so act quickly if there is a leak and make sure everything dries out properly.


Look for Solutions

Sometimes the roof shingles are not the culprit. The plumbing vent boots are made of plastic and metal. When they heat up in the sun and respond to the freezing cold, it can just be a matter of time before some of those rubber seals start to deteriorate. Replacing a plumbing boot is not bad though. Most homeowners that are not afraid of heights could even fix it themselves.


Once in a while, the leak that you think is coming from the roof is actually coming from another source. Often times, a leaky window can be the culprit. The water coming inside the house and making the walls stain could be from an improperly sealed window or a cracked pane of glass.


Now and then, you can fix the tiny holes all by yourself. Your roof has thousands of nails in it probably. Sometimes those nails work their way out and you then are left with a small hole in your roof. These types of patch jobs are easy to do. The toughest part can be finding the exact hole that the water is coming in from.


Get Peace of Mind

The perfect solution would be to find a specialist in elastomeric membrane roofing. An elastomeric membrane addresses watertightness on roofs. It offers a fail-proof watertight system than can last up to 30 years when installed properly by a professional. The membrane can withstand the harshest weather conditions and the most extreme temperatures.
Maintaining the health of your roof is an ongoing job. It is just one of the joys that go along with being a homeowner. There are always going to be little things that need repair here and there. The key is to take care of everything right away without letting it fall into despair. Your home is going to be your most expensive purchase, so protecting it is essential. A strong roof is just one way of protecting your investment.


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