Spring Clean Your HVAC System

When you hear the words “spring cleaning,” you’re most likely thinking of cleaning out your garage or washing the windows. While those areas are important in keeping up your home, a housekeeping item that often gets overlooked is cleaning the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
Why Do People Avoid a Spring Clean of the HVAC System?
It’s common to take the “if-it-ain’t-broke, don’t-fix-it” attitude toward maintaining the HVAC system. Also, people typically open their windows to cool down the house during the spring months thinking that will be enough to cool down the house through the summer months—in other words, when the overheating problem is out of sight, it’s out of mind. People are also known to avoid turning on the air conditioning in the HVAC system until the peak of summer believing the practice will help them from overpaying utility costs.
These common attitudes toward avoiding a spring tune up are actually hurting more than helping your pocketbook. People lose out on HVAC maintenance savings when their HVAC system runs inefficiently. Also, people put an unnecessary burden on themselves when they avoid using the HVAC system until the peak of summer.  An overheated house in the summer months can put older or young people at risk to suffer additional health-related issues.
Simply put, when your HVAC system runs efficiently, you end up with a lower utility bill in the long run and also live comfortably in your home.
Why Is Spring an Ideal Time For an Air Conditioning Tune Up?
The cooling operation in your HVAC system has more than likely been off during the winter months. A dormant system during the winter months can cause unexpected problems when you suddenly turn it on at full blast. If you check the air conditioning in the springtime, then you avoid having to overpay for repairs in the peak of the summer. Many HVAC repair companies offer specials during the spring months, so the springtime is the best time to take advantage of service savings.
Another reason to check your HVAC system in the spring is that you investigate and correct allergen issues before it’s too late. If you smell a musty odor coming out of your air handler, it’s possible that it has mold and bacteria growth. Another allergy trigger is a dirty evaporator coil, which can trap debris like pollen and dust that travels into the interior air. These issues are among the key reasons why the cooling air in your home gets infused with a musty odor. If you are a person who has allergies, it’s better to correct problems in your air conditioning unit sooner than later so you can live in your home without allergy triggers.
What’s Typically Included in an HVAC Spring Check Up?
A typical checkup on your air conditioning includes calibrating your thermostat, cleaning out condenser coils in your, inspecting all electrical components and evaluating coolant levels. Some of the things that you can do before a certified technician tunes up your HVAC system for the summer is replacing your air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and clean your evaporator coils.
Springtime is typically thought of as a season that welcomes new life, so bring in new life to your HVAC system with a spring clean.


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