Should a heat recovery system be fitted in a business’s premises?

There are many problems which can happen in a business’s premises, in particular when it is east and west facing. When the sun’s rays come into its many rooms, it can get warm. When heat cannot escape, it can build up. If some rooms get very warm but nothing is done to prevent it from overheating, the walls can drip with condensation. Even if windows are opened in the rooms which employees are in in order to cool them down, condensation can soon build up. There are other areas of a business’s premises which can be damaged by condensation, such as a bathroom.

When there are several bathrooms in a business’s premises which don’t have an effective ventilation system, this can cause many issues which are exacerbated if it has shower facilities. When many employees use a shower room but it doesn’t have any ventilation, mould can build up which will have to be addressed and could eventually cost a lot of money to do so. If a business is dubious about hiring a company that offers a ventilation service, they needn’t be. This is because a company which specialises in ventilation can suggest many systems which can be fitted in a business’s premises, such as whole house heat recovery.

The benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation systems

Vent-Axia heat recovery units can be fitted into a residential property and also a business’s premises. It has two units and the first is installed in wet rooms, such as the aforementioned shower rooms. The condensation that builds in a shower room can escape through an extractor fan. It is recommended that an extractor fan is operated by turning a bathroom light on. Consequently, it won’t be the responsibility of the person who is using a shower to do so. The other unit in heat recovery systems addresses the remaining rooms in a business’s premises. In communal areas, such as a canteen or a kitchen where employees boil a kettle to make a cup of coffee, it is very important that it has proper ventilation and the other unit in this system is able to do so.

By contacting many companies that specialise in heat recovery, a quote can be obtained. The first quote which is acquired shouldn’t be accepted. This is because a better quote will more than likely be found by contacting other companies. Each should be asked about what their experience is in fitting Vent-Axia products. If they haven’t provided a ventilation service for a very long time, another should be chosen that has done so for a considerable number of clients before. Consequently, the right company will be found that has the relevant expertise which can install a Vent-Axia extractor in a business’s premises. Most importantly, a company that specialises in fitting this ventilation system will be able to do so to the highest possible quality.

BPC ventilation services are a leading ventilation company. So, why not start making initial enquiries today? As there are many companies in Northern Ireland that can fit a heat recovery system, but it is important to select a company that is built on reputation.

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