Reno Preparation: The Steps To Take Before Your Renovate

Maybe you’ve bought a ‘renovators dream’. Perhaps you need some extra room. Maybe you just want to update your home’s look through renovations. Whatever your reason, renovating can be a great way to add value, liveability and lifestyle to your home. The question is, where to start? Your renovations are going to be as unique as you are – no two homes are unique. You want something that will suit your lifestyle, your budget and your needs. Read on for advice on preparing for your next renovation project.


Find a builder you can trust

Many people make the mistake of putting this at the bottom of their list. They have grand plans, know their budget, and know the results they want to achieve, then engage with the cheapest charlatan that promises you the world. You want a builder you can trust, who will work with you to realise your dreams. Find a reputable builder, such as Additions Building, early on in your renovation preparations. A little advice from the experts early on can save you a world of pain later on.

Start with the end in mind

Know what you want when preparing for a renovation. Are you renovating for aesthetics? More room? Improving the value of your home? Whatever the reason, keep this in mind when doing all your renovation planning. If you’re putting in dual living, you’re probably not going to want to install premium appliances. If you’re upgrading your kitchen, you’re probably going to want quality appliances that will go the distance. Keep the end in mind right through your planning.

Research, research, research

Know the look you want to achieve. Know what each room or area needs to achieve. Some of the best ways to research, apart from the Google machine, is to check out home and renovation magazines or visit home and renovation expos. Really get a feel for what’s out there and don’t limit yourself to what you know. You might find some amazing ideas you never knew existed that can revolutionise your renovation.

Know your budget

Sometimes it all comes down to the mighty dollar. In most cases, actually, it comes down to your budget. One of the biggest traps people fall into when renovating is being lured into the trap that something is ‘just’ a little bit extra – the premium paint is ‘just’ a little more expensive. The European appliances are ‘just’ a little more pricey. Before you know it, you’ve ‘just’ gone over your budget by a huge amount. By doing your research, you should be able to anticipate what your money can buy before you buy it.

Are you considering a renovation project, and if so, have you found these tips helpful? Have you recently renovated? How did it go? A dream, or a nightmare? What things worked for you – the good, the bad and the ugly? Share your ideas and advice in the comments, below.

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