Making Decorative Flowers for the Home

You may have noticed that grosgrain ribbon flowers are springing up everywhere. These blossoms can be used to decorate homes, clothing, weddings and events. You can find grosgrain flowers for sale on sites including Etsy, but did you know that you can create roses, daisies, or zinnias from ribbon for a fraction of the cost?


Materials You’ll Need


For most ribbon flowers, you’ll need some craft-basics:



To Make Flowers


You can make small, medium, and larger flowers, depending on the width and length of your ribbon. Here are some overall instructions for a basic bloom:


  • Cut four pieces of ribbon (6-inch for small, 10-inch for medium, 13-inch for large) to create each flower.
  • Fold each ribbon length in half, and use a fabric pen to mark each center.
  • Form a “plus” sign out of two ribbon lengths, lining up the centers.
  • Position ribbons downward to dissect angles of the “plus” symbol, and align the center marks.
  • Use your threaded needle to secure the ribbons together, and adjust them as needed.
  • Fold free ends toward the middle of each flower, and sew everything into place.
  • Stitch everything snugly so they’re firmly anchored.


There you have it, your first ribbon flower!


Other Styles


You can make variations of the basic blossom:


  • Rosebuds: Start by rolling ribbon into cylinder-shaped buds, and stitch them up as you go. You can create a variety of bud sizes with this technique.
  • Folded method: You can craft tiny star-shaped blossoms by using a folded ribbon method.
  • Daisy/Zinnia: If you want to make a flat flower that is similar to a daisy or zinnia, simply fold ribbon loops, glue in place, and use beads or buttons to make each center.
  • Rolled Spiral: Another technique is to wrap ribbon around wire, then twist into a spiral shape and sew into place.


Decorate With Ribbon Flowers


Now that you know how to create floral bouquets out of ribbon, you’re ready to decorate with them. Flowers bring cheer to any room or occasion! Here are some ideas to consider:


  • Baskets: Wicker baskets are great for holding mail, office supplies, pet leashes, and so much more. You can spruce up your woven containers by attaching ribbon flowers to them with wire.
  • Holiday décor: Create festive holiday decorations for any celebration; just alter the type of bloom and color of the ribbon. You can make red poinsettias in December, pastel daisies for Easter, and crimson roses for Valentines Day.
  • Front door: Adorn your front door with a different floral wreath depending on the season.


Once you master the art of making ribbon flowers, the sky is the limit for creating beauty in your home.






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