Life Hacks for Living in a Small Inner-City Apartment

Moving into a new home is stressful enough as it is, so downsizing to a tiny inner-city apartment – combined with the worry about whether doing so was the right choice – can be especially difficult. But, believe it or not, there are upsides to going smaller. You’ll have fewer commitments, for one thing, but you’ll also feel encouraged to make the most of what you’ve got. Below are a few tips to help you adapt to this way of living. Of course, if you have not even reached the stage of moving to the new apartment, let alone living in it, you might want to make arrangements with a moving agency before getting too far ahead of yourself. One advantage of moving to the inner-city is that removalists won’t be difficult to find; particularly in large cities like Brisbane, removalists like Your Local Movers ( are readily available.


Adaptable Furniture

“Making do” might sound like a very humble, not-so-glamorous way to approach your situation, but it actually gives you a great chance to be creative with your space. When living in a small apartment, it is imperative that every piece of furniture has multiple uses. A desk is not just for studying; it can also be used as a dresser. A chest of draws can be used to store clothes, towels, and DVDs simultaneously. As long as you are organised, this way of living doesn’t have to be chaotic. Simply establish a system, designating a home for every item you possess. Force your furniture to adapt and you, in turn, will adapt to your new living arrangements much faster.

Hidden Storage

Don’t have an attic? You don’t need one. Hidden space is everywhere and, once you find it, you’ll realise just how easy it is to spot. It could be as obvious as stacking your chairs instead of lining them up, or as sneaky as storing items in plastic tubs under your bed. Either way, you are surrounded by storage solutions. If you have nowhere to put your clothes, create a wardrobe underneath the staircase. If the garbage bin keeps getting in the way, store it under the sink. You don’t need an extra room for all your stuff – use the space you’ve got. This is a philosophy every household should have.


Having plenty of easily accessible hooks is probably the most efficient way to save space. This is because they take up virtually no room. You can use hooks to hang up your coat, your hat, your shoes, your towels, your pots and pans, and even your bike.

Remember that the size of your living space does not determine what you can and can’t do outside of the apartment. If the lack of space ever makes you feel panicky, step outside for some fresh air, explore the city, and make some friends. Above all, don’t let a small apartment limit you. Let it expand your thinking and unveil your ability to be resourceful. If you’ve picked up any tips for living in a small apartment, share them in the comments below.

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