How To Burglar Proof Your Home

The thought of someone being able to enter your home uninvited when no one is home is such a scary thought. There are stories every day of homes being broken into and family possessions being stolen. It really seems like it could happen to anyone. However, there are definitely ways that you can burglar proof your home and keep your family safe. Some of these tips involve habits you will need to get in to, while others will require a visit to a security specialist like Stylewise Security to beef up your equipment.

Front Door

This is the most obvious place to start. A burglar is going to look at a house’s front door. If it looks tatty and uncared for, it’s not going to look very secure – it’ll look like an easy target. Make sure your front door looks (and is) very intimidatingly safe and secure. It’s good to have the standard lock, but you can also add your own deadlock. A screen door is also always a good idea. There are ones you can purchase now that are basically fool proof – no way to cut through them or slash the mesh (probably because they aren’t mesh). The same goes for your back door – that needs to be secure too.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system might seem really unnecessary – but it really isn’t! Sure, we’ve all heard an alarm ringing somewhere in the neighbourhood through the night and haven’t been encouraged to investigate. But many alarms are also synched to a security company or the police, so there is often action taking place even if none is apparent. A good security system could mean the difference between thousands of dollars worth of your personal belongings being stolen and the police showing up to arrest your burglar. Make sure you stick to a reputable company though, as thieves can bypass cheap systems. If you’re really worried about burglars, perhaps even consider installing some kind of camera system for maximum protection.

Don’t Make It Obvious You’re On Holiday

There’s really nothing worse than coming home from an amazing trip to find your house ransacked and emptied of valuables. Little things that make it obvious you’re on holiday should be taken care of by a trusted neighbour. Have them bring in your mail and mow your lawn. Put an few internal lights on timers so it appears occupied at night. Don’t advertise to anyone walking past your street that your lovely looking home is completely empty and an easy target for a break-in.

Lock Everything Up

It seems really obvious, but things like your windows and side gates should always be locked. A lot of people forget about them and think they’re an unnecessary waste of time. Not true – an unlocked window is a thief’s perfect, undetected way inside the house. If you have a shed, make sure this is locked too – it might not be as important as the things inside the house, but it would be a pain to replace your expensive lawn mower!

Burglar proofing is actually really easy – it’s all about remembering the little things that most people forget, like sheds, and windows. Keep everything locked, stay smart and you’ll be fine!

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