How a Furnace Tune-Up Saves Money

If you feel you are paying too much for heating and want to save money on your energy bills, make sure you get a seasonal tune-up to keep your furnace working efficiently. A tune-up is essential for troubleshooting to spot potentially costly repairs early. Maintaining your furnace helps it work effectively so that it doesn’t need to consume inordinate amounts of power. A tune-up includes deep cleaning that removes dust and debris that can clog your system. A furnace that is clean and functioning well lasts longer and does not need replacement. The cost of a tune-up is low compared to the amount of money it saves.


When You Should Get a Furnace Tune-Up

The best time for a furnace tune-up is in the autumn before heating is required. However, it is not too late to get a tune-up if you feel you need one even in the middle of the winter because the improved functioning will deliver efficient heating right away. If you have a technician fine tune your furnace early in the fall, he or she can catch problems and make repairs if necessary long before the frosts start. Even if your furnace is relatively new, it is worthwhile to have it checked thoroughly. Keep in mind that your warranty may depend on getting your furnace checked regularly.

What Does a Tune-Up Involve?

When you call a heating and cooling experts, such as ABC furnace repair to give your furnace a tune-up, you can expect the technician to begin with a full inspection of the unit. The technician should perform a visual review of the unit with particular attention to the working parts. He or she should inform you of any issues that are detected and things to watch out for, such as wear and tear. The inspection is followed by a full lubrication to prevent friction during operation. The pilot and gas pressure are also tested.

Your filter should be replaced every three months, and this is a procedure you can do yourself, but the technician will also provide a new filter. Ask the technician to provide their evaluation in writing that will give a full record of the condition of your furnace.

Tune-Ups and Cost Savings

Tune-ups cost less than a repair and can help prevent things from going wrong so you don’t have to have your furnace fixed in the middle of winter. In addition, problems can be spotted early so you can take your time to shop for a new furnace rather than hurriedly replacing a furnace that might be more expensive than one you would buy if you had time to comparison shop. Clearing out obstructions and making the furnace run efficiently helps you pay less on energy bills and is good for the environment. Maintenance prolongs the life of your unit and can save you the cost of a full replacement.

Improving Safety

In addition to saving your money, servicing your furnace can help keep your home safer. Venting is essential for protecting your family from harmful gasses, and maintenance helps keep the vents running smoothly.


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