Housewarming Gift Ideas: Provide the Perfect Welcome

Moving home can be a stressful and emotional time for anyone, and if you have a friend who is moving home you may want to do something special for them. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how you can help, but one simple idea is to buy them a great housewarming gift so that they will feel instantly welcome. But what should you buy them? Here are a few ideas for gifts that anyone will be happy to receive when they complete the move to their new home.

Luxury Toiletries

Everyone likes a bit of luxury, and when your friends arrive in a new home it is the perfect time to treat them to something special. A basket of luxury toiletries waiting in their bathroom upon arrival will be warmly received, and it will provide them with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a long, relaxing soak in their new bathtub to wash away the stress of the move.

New Cutlery Set

A new cutlery set is a great gift to welcome someone into their new home. Buy them a luxury set, maybe a set of the finest silver in a beautiful display case, and they can then use this for special occasions. Who knows, maybe you will be the first person they invite around for dinner when they have properly settled in.

Personalised Cushion

A cushion is a great idea for a gift, but a personalised cushion with a message welcoming your friends into their new home is even better. Cushions last a long time, and they can be used on the sofa, the bed or even as an ornament. Just make sure that you are familiar with their style so that your gift will be something that they actually appreciate.

A Plant

A plant is a simple but very personal present, and when someone is moving home it is the perfect opportunity to provide them with a plant as a gift. A young plant represents a new beginning, and if you find one that can be planted outside they will be able to make their garden feel like their own in no time at all.

Personalised Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine or bubbly is a great way to celebrate the move when your friends arrive in their new home. If they have had a long and stressful move, they will appreciate having a bottle of wine waiting for them to crack open in the evening, but if you add a personal message to the label it will be appreciated even more. Dymo label maker can be used for personalizing the labels.

Find That Perfect Gift

These are all great ideas for housewarming gifts that will make your friends feel instantly at home after they have spent the whole day moving. Moving house can cause a huge amount of upheaval for those people doing the moving, and a simple gift can go a long way to making them feel a lot more relaxed. So consider the above options and then start looking for the perfect gift to make their move as comfortable as possible.

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