Homekeeping With the Seasons

When you own a home, there are things you can do in every season to keep your investment in top shape. Some maintenance is best done in certain seasons either to prepare for the season ahead or because it cannot be done in the more inclement weather seasons of summer and winter. Here is a brief rundown of recommended maintenance aimed at keeping you comfortable and safe.


The coldest season of the year is a great time to catch up with maintenance inside of the home. Check your carbon monoxide detectors functioning and change batteries if needed. If you use space heaters in your home, make sure that they are not located near any combustible items such as drapes. Take the time to check for any drips in faucets or leaks in your home.

Maintenance outside in winter is necessary for a minimal amount of tasks. If you display holiday lights, make sure that they are in good condition and are working properly. Also, if you live in an area that experiences even intermittent freezing temperatures, you should turn off the water supply to your outside water source, then turn on the faucet outdoors to drain the system. This way, you eliminate the chance of your water pipes bursting from frozen water inside of them.


In addition to cleaning, spring is the time to replace storm windows and doors with screens. This is also a great time to tackle the dryer vent system. Use a flexible line to scrub out excess lint that is lodged in the vent. Not only will you help your clothes dry faster this way, you will also reduce the risk of a house fire from combusting lint. Now that the weather is improving, you can make an inspection for pest damage both inside and outside your home.


Despite having to do yard work in the summer, the maintenance requirements for summer are comparatively small compared to other seasons. Make sure to schedule a central air maintenance appointment very early in the season, or install your window-mounted air conditioning unit so it is ready when it gets hot.

Inspect all of the screens in your home so you can assure that they are not letting in insects. Repair or replace any screens that are damaged or worn. Keep the outside of your home safe by checking all of the outdoor light fixtures and their bulbs for proper function.


Fall is the busiest time of year when it comes to home maintenance. There are many things to do that can have a major impact on your comfort and safety in the months ahead. Prepare your home before winter by making sure your heating and cooling systems are properly checked and maintained on a regular basis.

For example, if you have an evaporative cooling system, it is imperative that your system is shut down for the season. This means that the water supply line and circulating pump need to be cleared and the whole system cleaned and covered. Failure to do so can lead to corrosion or line bursts as well as make your system a gathering place for pests during winter.

Your home’s gutter system is another crucial area to maintain in the fall. They need to be cleaned of debris that can back up water, ice, and snow in them so that they do not contribute to ice dams on your roof or collapse off of your home under the sheer weight of ice and snow.

Fall is also a great time to make sure your home is optimally weatherized. Make sure cracks are caulked inside and out and check the weather stripping around door frames and replace if worn. Have your wood burning fireplace cleaned and checked.

By maintaining your home on a seasonal schedule, you spread out the work to a manageable level and can keep up with the many tasks necessary to preserve the integrity of your home.

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