Four Steps To Having the Greenest Yard On the Block

Having the greenest yard on the block does take a little planning and work; it is well worth the effort. Each of the four steps given will help you achieve the goal of becoming the homeowner everyone is jealous of. None of the steps is hard and will only take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your yard.


#1. Begin In The Winter

During the winter, weed seeds can be sown by the wind, in bird droppings or by falling off animals. Take the species of grass you have into account and purchase enough pre-emergent weed killer to cover the front, sides and back yards. Mark your calendar for the proper day to spread the material on your lawn. Using the product at the right time keeps weed seeds from emerging and taking over. Using after they have sprouted is far too late. Be certain to buy the right product for your grass species or you could purchase a product that thinks your grass seeds are weeds.


#2. Mow The Right Way

Do not be in a rush to mow the lawn at the beginning of spring. Allow the grass to grow for a few weeks first; this helps the grass to establish and strengthen the root system. Set the lawn mower for the specific grass species you have; mowing too short is the fastest way to have a brown, dying lawn. Only remove a third of the lawn’s height each week.


Sharp lawn mower blades will cut blades cleanly and evenly. Dull blades tear grass blades, causing the tips to die and turn brown. Because the grass blades are broken, shredded and torn, insects and diseases can invade your lawn. Healthy grass is able to stave off attacks.


#3. Use The Right Fertilizer

Purchase the right fertilizer for your grass species and mark the calendar for the application date. Apply only the amount listed on the bag; more will burn your grass roots to death. Over-fertilizing is one of the main causes of lawn problems. If the product requires regular application, marking the calendar will help you remember the dates. If your lawn fades in the summer, an application of an iron supplement may help.


#4. Do Not Give The Lawn Too Much Water

Over watering is as devastating to a lawn as under watering. It produces shallow roots that require more water and weak grass. It also increases your water bill. Learn the proper amount of water that your grass species requires. Give your lawn only what it needs; your grass will have deeper and stronger roots.


#5. Eliminate Pests

Pests such as grubs can decimate a lawn. Reseeding over an infested area is a waste of time and money. Identify the particular pest and use approved products to eliminate them. If the bugs have taken over, Milwaukee Pest Control can help. A technician will identify and use the right products to eliminate pests and provide you with a healthy, green lawn.

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