Find the right lamps for your home

It’s important to give lamps and lights in general lots of attention – for two reasons. For one, they bring light to your home, rooms and spaces which brings a comfortable, homey feel to it. Number two, they are as much an interior design object as a light source. Lamps contains therefore both aesthetics, functionality and design all in one – this is why you need to pay attention.

Find the right lamps for your home - lampemesteren

Whether you live in a two-bedroom apartment or in a big house with three floors, you need lights. Lamps, and the light they bring, can create a certain environment and space in a room. It depends on the lamp and what you use the room for. Naturally, your office might need a little more direct and functional light than your bedroom, and this is why it is important to consider your choice of lamp.

A combination of lights

Lights play a great part in how we live and experience a home. With the right choices of lamps and light settings, you can create certain atmospheres and a style that brings out the essence of a room – whether it is your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Try using both pendants, wall, table and floor lamps for your home. When combing different light installations, it will bring out the character of the areas, you live in. A wall lamp for reading next to the comfortable armchair and pendant in your dining area – it is both light, but very different when it comes to functionality and setting. This is why you need to look at lamps and light installations the way you look at any other piece of furniture and design objects like art when doing your interior decoration.

Lamps from various designers

At you find a great selection of lamps and light installations from various Danish and international brands and designers – everything from classic silhouettes to more modern shapes and materials. Do you prefer modern minimalistic designs, that moves in straight and functional lines? Or do you want to go for more organic shapes and sizes, that are playful in their expression? Whatever you like, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at home, when you walk through the door.

Danish designer Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen – also known as PH  – is one of the most well-known designers from Denmark. His initials are on many lamps and has been for several generations – as are his creations still in many homes. PH has a long history of designing lamps and light installations with focus on functionality and a great love for working around structures, shadows and glare. Since 1925 Poul Henningsen has been designing lamps for Louis Poulsen up until 1967. The very same lamps are still highly popular and available for you to buy at


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