Fancy Glass Tiles To Stylize Your Spaces

Walls and backsplashes are no longer decorated by simply applying designer paints or wallpapers to add the wow factor. Ceramic and Glass Tiles have undergone a new stage of development and have surfaced with infinite variety of designs and customisable options as well. The development of technology and creative concepts presented by the architects and designers across the globe has set a great stage for the performance promotion of the glass and ceramic tiles. Glass tiles have started to claim more stakes in the market share in the recent days and truly have added bedazzling splendour on the areas of applications.


The Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are available in various forms viz:

  • Sandwich/Back Printed Glass Tiles
  • Border Strips
  • Glass Mosaics etc.

Sandwich or back printed glass tiles are the result of advancement in the field of technology and creative ideas from human brains. Such tiles are used as highlight options among other tiles, wood panelling or other decor which is used to beautify and stylize walls. Glass Tiles add a unique look to the areas they are installed in.

Glass Border Strips are placed between ceramic tiles or wooden panelling to divide two zones or simply add a stroke effect running through the area where strips are used. Border strips are a hotcake product used by architects expansively in areas like entrance lobbies, step risers, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

Glass Mosaics continue to be the glass tiles which are used most commonly. Mosaic effect is a much sought after effect for backsplashes and walls where glass mosaics are applied. The use of bright colours, metallic effects add a distinct character of their own to the interior elements of place they are applied.

Areas Of Application

Glass tiles can be used in numerous locations and the list of places where glass mosaics are used is:

  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Bathroom Dado
  • Passage areas / Entrance Lobbies
  • Waiting Areas
  • Pillars
  • Swimming Pools

A glass tile backsplash oozes out a distinct look of its own and manages to turn heads around to take in the sheer beauty of the glass tiles which make the walls look random and artistic to the core. Kitchens with glass tile backsplashes look immensely photogenic and pleasant to the eyes of the individuals who cook in the kitchen.

Bathroom Dado region can be beautified by installing glass mosaics and the look is scintillating. Matching floor and ceiling patterns make the glass tiles glow with a characteristic radiance.

Entrance Lobbies and Passage areas can also be artistically designed using the glass tiles at full stretch and/ or along with other designer elements as a combination or contrast.

Waiting areas can be accentuated with decor highlighting the company profile and this can be artistically represented using glass tiles.

Pillars are often seen as a disturbance in interior space. These disturbances can be stylized using glass mosaics which make the pillars a showpiece everyone remembers in positive spirits.

Swimming Pools use glass mosaics extensively to retain the clean water and give a beautiful sparkling effect to the underwater regions.

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