Decorating the Garden for Christmas

One of the best ways to inject some Christmas magic into your home is through decorations. Whilst the interior decorations are great for creating a homely, festive atmosphere, outdoor decorations are just as important as they build that initial warm and welcoming feel that you want to create for your home. It’s always so nice to see all of the houses on the street decked out with glittery lights and Christmas décor, and it helps others get into the festive spirit too!


Christmas Lights

One of the most exciting parts to Christmas has got to be the Christmas lights. The soft glow of the lights twinkling away creates an instant magical feel that fills you with festive spirit. There are so many ways in which you can incorporate Christmas lights into your garden, and the beautiful thing about lights is that you don’t even have to go overboard, less is quite often more.

With all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes, hedges are perfect for Christmas lights. Draping your lights over or around the hedge can create a beautiful glow that emphasises the hedges shape. You can then look at adding lights to your house’s exterior, such as the outline of your roof or windows. Having lights around your house will make it stand out beautifully and be seen by all of your neighbours. If your garden contains decking, weaving the Christmas lights through the side panels or outlining the border of the decking with lights can enhance the material and create a stunning focal point with a mystical glow. Finally, if your home has a porch or front entrance, adding Christmas lights to this area of the home will create an inviting, warm feel that sets the tone for the interiors of your home perfectly.

Festive Wreaths

Give your home a unique touch with a stylish, Christmas wreath. With so many beautiful styles, you can custom design wreaths or purchase them ready made to dress your front door and add a glamorous feel to your front entrance. With a bold combination of colour, materials, ornaments and often floral features, wreaths make a stunning focal point and add heaps of character to your home. The most popular place to position your wreath is the front door, however you often find them hung all over the home to add extra glamour and style.

Experimenting with colour can create a beautiful look for your wreath. You often find that designing your wreath to match the rest of your Christmas décor works really well. Colour schemes are key with Christmas decorations as you can keep your baubles, wreaths, ribbons, tinsel and so on the same colour scheme and your interiors will flow perfectly. You can then look at different materials, from natural floral features to plastic or even wooden. The type of material used will enhance the quality of the wreath and emphasise the glamorous look that your wreath has.

Additional Décor

Not everyone likes to go overboard with the Christmas décor, but for those who do, there are so many ways in which you can inject Christmas into other areas of the garden such as your lawn, porch and driveway. Planting a huge Christmas tree in the centre of your garden will create a bold focal point as well as brighten your whole garden. You could also look at adding cute items such as light up reindeer, Santa’s or even little elves to add a little extra character.

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