How to Find The Most Eco Friendly HVAC Company

Living a greener life is something that every homeowner should strive to do. While simple acts of conservation and recycling require little forethought, energy conservation is an entirely different story. This is doubly true in the summer heat, when nearly half of America’s energy usage goes to maintaining cool indoor temperatures. Overall, 48 percent of American energy runs heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems year-round. Lowering carbon use requires finding a way to reduce that burden on the power grid, but some homeowners hesitate to do so at the cost of their own comfort.

Fortunately, there are more ways to cut HVAC-related energy expenses beyond just doing without. The national trend toward green living has led to forward-thinking HVAC companies that specialize in environmentally friendly installation and maintenance. Moreover, HVAC manufacturers are now producing systems that are more and more energy efficient, responding to both government regulations and market demand. New systems heat and cool your house far more efficiently than older models, using new technology to make the most of the power they consume.

Of course, the world of HVAC contractors and systems is one that is foreign to most people. Fortunately, this infographic from Ambient Edge summarizes many of the most pertinent facts about the HVAC process. Use this infographic to learn how to read energy efficiency labelling, how to find a contractor that complies with your green lifestyle, and other useful HVAC tips. Follow this helpful advice as you create a greener lifestyle in your home.


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