Fish Tanks To Fit In With Your Décor

Any designer will tell you that appearance is everything, and not only individual appearances but the collective.  You can have the perfect room but just that one piece of furniture can ruin the aesthetics.  For most people a fish tank is a purchase you make after you have already designed and decorated your room, so trying to get it to fit in with your current décor can be a challenge.  Fortunately for you there are a range of different types of tanks and different tank decors for you to consider.  These are usually available from online stores such as Swell UK.



Fish tanks themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The smallest are the classic fish bowl shapes.  Easy to keep on a shelf or on a table these are perfect for people starting out with aquariums and also for those with children.  It can be very rewarding to be able to watch your goldfish swim around the tank.  Other tanks are the classic rectangular ones which come in a vast array of sizes.  There are also curved ones that can add a pleasing dimension to any room.  There are also corner ones available for those pesky difficult to fill places and also micro-habitats that are perfect for standing on slim units.

Once you have picked your fish tank you can look at a unit to stand it on.  Units also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and finishes.  Many fish tanks come with recommended units that will hide all necessary wires.  These are quite often ideally suited to stand your tank on.  Once you have picked the correct shaped unit you can pick the finish that will fit in with your décor.  The main types of finish you can get include mahogany, oak and pine so will fit in with most settings.


Finally you can look at what goes into your fish tank.  The first thing is substrate.  Once upon a time the only substrate you could get was brown gravel.  Nowadays you can get a whole range of different types from classic to quirky.  All sizes, colours and textures are now available from most shops.  You can also now include pebbles and sand.


Also a fine decorative feature of a fish tank is the use of rock.  These are quite often crafted from natural rock so add a natural feel to any aquarium.  Natural rocks also have the added bonus of containing bacteria that help with filtration in the tank.  Artificial rocks can also look fantastic especially if coupled with aquatic plants.  These are easily maintained and look fantastic.  Artificial plants add another dimension to tanks.  They provide all the colour of real plants but with a lot less maintenance.  With modern advances in aquatics, artificial plants can look as good as the real thing.


The last thing to remember is that fish tanks do require looking after.  You can set one up perfectly to fit in with your room, but if you don’t look after it then you will get algal growth and dead fish.  This is less than ideal so regular maintenance and water testing can prevent your perfect aquarium from looking unsightly.



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