Building a New Home? Start Taking Safety Measures Now!

Building the home of your dreams can be a drawn out process. After you’ve had the blueprints drafted and hired the perfect contractor, like Precision Roofing, you’ll need to supervise the entire build process to ensure everything is getting done. Just because you aren’t living in your dream home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be taking safety measures. All too often, construction sites are stripped of pipes, tools, and materials. Several homes in he build process have been vandalized and defaced, leading to long delays. Here are some important safety measures that you should be taking to ensure that your building schedule isn’t interrupted because you weren’t proactive.

1: Secure the Site with Fencing

You might think that choosing not to install security fencing around the skeleton of your dream home will save you money, but according to experts in home security in Lexington KY, this installation could actually save you money. Fencing can deter individuals and keep people off the premises who don’t belong. Not only is fencing important for the safety of your property, it’s an important tool to avoid unnecessary liability claims.

2: Install Security Lighting

Most people know that vandals and thieves prefer to work in the night. One way to lower the chances of your property being vandalized is to put a spotlight on your property so that thieves choose a different target. You can install lights that stay on all night long, or install motion detector lights that will only turn on when movement is detected on or around the premises.

3: It’s Not Too Early For a Security System

You might think that it’s too early to invest in home security in Lexington KY, but that’s not true. A monitoring alarm system complete with security cameras is a great way to protect your house before it becomes your home. During the construction phase, you should install a system that’ll detect an intrusion attempt. With systems like the one offered by Vivint Memphis TN, you can keep an eye on your property at all times of the day, and get alerts when your alarm goes off.

4: Remove Valuables

Contractors should know to remove their tools when they’re done with work for the day. While this is common sense, all too often individuals have their appliances installed before the property is fully secured. Wait to install your high-tech appliances until the property is fully built.

It’s never too early to focus on securing your dream home. Take time to secure the property, invest in tools that will safeguard the property, and feel peace of mind when you can’t be patrolling the site on your own.

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