Bringing Some Colour Back to Bathrooms

In the 70s and 80s ‘bathroom style’ was all about an avocado three-piece suite and a clashing linoleum floor. From that we, understandably, emerged into the noughties with more or less nothing but porcelain white bathrooms with no personality or individuality. It seems like only now are people being brave enough to try adding in splashes of colour again. If you fancy brightening up your bathroom, take a look at some of these design inspirations.

 1. Make a Statement

Statement walls are nothing new – you may even have one or two in your living room or bedroom. But what about the bathroom? There is no reason why your bathroom shouldn’t make a statement too and a popular trend is to add a real splash of a bright colour on one wall, such as behind the bathtub or toilet. Adding a column of vibrant colour can also be a great way to elongate a room. For a children’s or family bathroom why not work that colour into an entire theme, such as a bright yellow wall with plenty of blue accessories to create a seaside feel.

 2. Go Luxurious

Luxury bathrooms are no longer reserved for those who have room for an entire spa in their home. Modern design trends for Victorian bathtubs and affordable ornate fixtures and fittings mean that you can create your own luxury hideaway where you can light some candles and kick back with a glass of wine while you enjoy a long, hot soak. Fill the room with plenty of rich and sumptuous deep colours such as plum and gold and give the door a mahogany finish. Choose big fluffy towels in complementary colours to add to the splendour and go for a cream or off-white bathroom suite (or coloured if available).

 3. Pastels

Pastel pinks, greens, yellows and blues are very clean looking colours and so are perfect for a bathroom. They also, fortunately, look really good when offset against white, so why not add in the odd pastel coloured tile to your wall or choose some bathroom furniture that you can paint in one of these colours? Add in some matching accessories and towels and you’ll have a fun and colourful bathroom before you know it.

 4. Vintage

Vintage and retro style seems to be everywhere these days and you’ll find plenty of suitable vintage accessories in homeware shops around the country to add the finishing touches to your bathroom. Once more, pastel colours are favoured, and if you can go with an ornate standalone bathtub, this will really tie in with the theme. Add in an ornate mirror with a cream metal frame and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect vintage bathroom.

 5. Get Arty

You probably have artworks dotted around the rest of your home, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same in the bathroom, although you do have to be wary of the materials used and the amount of humidity in the room. Adding in a couple of canvases or sculptures can be a great way of breaking up that big expanse of white without having to completely remodel the room.

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