Benefits of Living in a Two-Storey Home

Forget about living in a single-storey home. Although a two-storey home is generally more expensive to build and not really suitable for the elderly or those with special needs, it offers a number of distinct advantages that you should know about if you’re about to build or buy a new home. Here are some of these benefits.


They Have More Presence on a Street

A two-storey home doesn’t have to be big in square metres in order to look impressive and imposing on a suburban street. With single-storey buildings either side, your home will definitely stand out and have more presence. Even a small 250 square metre block of land is enough to fit a home that looks commanding. Plus, not only will it look great at street level, but you’ll also have some pretty amazing views of your neighborhood and any natural landmarks nearby.

They’re Cheaper to Heat and Cool

In most cases, a single-storey house will have a higher surface area/volume ratio, meaning that they’ll leak more heat (both in and out) than a two-storey home. When it comes to heating and cooling costs, the better your house is able to guard against the elements and insulate itself, the cheaper it will end up for you.

You Don’t Need a Large Block of Land

By building vertically instead of horizontally, a two-storey home is able to accommodate all the rooms and space of your dream home on a relatively small patch of land. This means you’ll save money when choosing your block of land. If you want to live close to the city, then you know how expensive inner-city real estate is. Purchase a small block just big enough to fit your new two-storey home and not only will you save money and still be in a prime location, but you’ll also have less grass to mow every other week.

A Bigger Backyard

If price isn’t really an issue for you when it comes to block size, building a two-storey home will give you a bigger backyard. Building vertically means that most of your land won’t get eaten up by your home. You’ll have room for a pool, a verandah, or perhaps even a tennis court. Even if you leave your backyard pretty bare, you’ll appreciate the space when it’s time to throw your housewarming party. And if you have kids – or plan to – then just imagine how much fun they’ll have playing tag around your big backyard.

Not convinced yet? Perhaps the best way to scope out whether a single-storey or two-storey home is right for you is to visit the display homes of professional house builders like Coral Homes (click here to visit their website). This way, you can get a feel for both types of houses and work out which is most appropriate for your family and lifestyle.

What do you think? What kind of home do you currently live in and would you prefer to have one more (or one less) storey in your house? Share any thoughts or insights in the comments below.

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