Benefits of Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

If you are thinking of ways to improve your home and your garden, you can instantly do both at the same time by extending your house into the garden with a conservatory. Having a conservatory will solve both these problems as it will give you another room in the house to decorate and style, whilst also allowing the benefits of being able to view and enjoy your garden better. A conservatory is flexible and can be added onto any room in the house; for example, a kitchen that extends into the garden will open up a room and make the floor space a lot bigger. However, it is a significant investment for a homeowner and can have issues such as planning permission, therefore it’s important to consider the decision properly. Some of the benefits of adding a conservatory to your home are;


  1. Increases your property’s value

A conservatory will make your home a lot more desirable if you so choose to sell your home in the future. The asking price will be increased if you have a conservatory attached already, especially if you have a south facing garden as this will ensure the sun’s light reaches your garden all day. However, the value that your conservatory adds to your home will be highly dependable on the design of the conservatory you choose. There are lots of different designs available to match and compliment your home; the specifications and details ranges from the actual overall structure right down to the sliding door locks on the conservatory doors.

2. Adding more space

This may be even more attractive for those of you who have just started a family and now have more people living in your home than was previously expected! Now there is an extra room in the house for you to extend your kitchen, living room or dining room into, making more room for interior design changes and redistribution of furniture. There will never be a time when too much space is a problem and as your conservatory moulds into the rest of the house, you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

3. Natural benefits

A conservatory is the only room in the house which can offer the most natural lighting; this has a dramatic effect on the way your home looks and how it makes you feel. Dark and dingy rooms can suddenly be transformed by the natural light that a conservatory streams in and natural light is very good for you as it can help to improve your moods. Coupled with the warm environment that a conservatory generates, it creates the perfect space to entertain guests as it is has a beautiful view of the sky and the ability to feel like you are sat outdoors. In the summer, a conservatory becomes the best room in the house and can also offer a perfect escape for you to relax from your bustling lifestyle.

On the whole, it is a fantastic addition to a home, but it isn’t necessary suitable for everyone and certain factors such as building work and planning should be considered first so as to avoid wasting any time and money.

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