An Easy Guide to Setting up Your Greenhouse

Whether you are a gardening newbie or have experienced green gardening fingers, there are some fundamental how-to’s that you should know on how to keep your greenhouse and plants flourishing all year around. Assuming you have your greenhouse structure already in place, or if not, you can buy kits which include all the things you will need to get you started and following that, this easy guide will help you along.


The core interior

Firstly, you must set up and install somewhere to plant your plants, greenhouse staging is perfect for this as it keeps your plants in order and away from the ground where they may be at risk of being attacked by insects. There are other ways to plant your plants though too, you could simply just use pots or if you intend on planting climbing plants you could set up an area in your greenhouse where they could do this. As well, you must set an area up so that you have a place specifically to keep all the tools you will be using to help you with your gardening, this will help to keep it tidy.

Environmental control

As the greenhouse climate is artificial, it is your responsibility to keep it regulated. For instance, in order to monitor the temperature, it is essential as a greenhouse owner to install a thermometer. This will tell you whether your plants need more warmth or insulation. It’s important to allow lots of ventilation into your greenhouse so that your plants get lots of air and the humidity doesn’t rise too high, installing a fan or a dehumidifier could be a good solution. However, this will all depend on the plants you choose to grow as well as different plants will require different climate conditions.

During the winter months, the trick is to trick your plants into thinking it’s summer so that they will keep on growing. So when your plants may need an extra layer of insulation to keep the climate constant, this can be cheaply done just by lining the walls with bubble wrap or installing mini heaters. Light is also an important contributor to the success of your plant’s growth and it may mean installing some artificial lighting to trick the plants.

Another aspect to regulate is the soil you are using to grow your plants, as the pH levels and acidity levels can change in the soil as time passes. You can get automated systems which check the levels for you and will adjust them accordingly, however if you are only growing your plants on a small to medium scale, then you can just test the levels yourself which may be simpler.


As your greenhouse and gardening skills mature, you may want to look into buying other accessories such as a handy potting bench to arrange and plant all your plants on. Harvest baskets are also really cute to put all your homegrown vegetables in once they have perfectly ripened and will make your gardening efforts look a lot more impressive to visitors when they are all nicely arranged.

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