4 Simple and Effective Ways to Make Your Home More Welcoming for Overnight Guests

If your home has enough space for people to stay overnight, don’t be surprised if friends and family members occasionally approach you to find out if you could host them for a while when they’re passing through the area. Agreeing to that arrangement lets you help them save money, and gives the opportunity to spend time with people you care about. Before extending an offer or responding favorably to someone’s request, there are several things you can do to make your abode as inviting as possible.
Provide Extra Essentials on the Bed
Getting a bed ready for visitors ideally involves more than just changing the sheets and straightening the comforter. It’s also smart to think ahead and provide the crucial extras your guests may need, so they don’t have to ask for them. If a guest is staying during cold weather, put additional blankets folded at the foot of the bed so they’re easily accessible. You can place a variety of pillows on the bed too. Since you may not know whether guests prefer firm or soft neck support, provide more than one type of pillow.
Create a Basket of Toiletries
Even the most seasoned travelers sometimes forget items at home. Plan for that reality by filling a basket with common toiletries such as a toothbrush and paste, razors, shampoo, and deodorant. This is something simple you can do to show your guests you understand what it’s like to be staying away from home, and that you’re trying to ease potential stresses.
Make Items Easy to Find
Besides giving guests a general tour of the areas of your home they’re permitted to use, consider rearranging the placement of items they’re likely to need. Then, guests can get what they require without having to feel embarrassed about rummaging through your cabinets.
Coffee, tea, toilet paper, bath towels, and condiments are several examples of things guests might need to find and use during their stays. At least make sure those items are pushed to the front of the cabinets so they’re within easy view.
Explain How to Work the Climate Controls
Most guests appreciate if you give them details about how to adjust the temperature in your home in case they get too hot or cold and are genuinely uncomfortable during times when you’re not around. In addition to offering verbal instructions, you can also write tips on a piece of paper you post by your heater or air conditioner.
Furthermore, let the professionals help you get your home well prepared for guests. Rather than just ignoring problems with your furnace or air conditioner and assuming they’re not serious, book an appointment with a specialist to determine the severity of the issues.
Although many heating and air experts offer emergency service, having to schedule a repair while you’re accommodating guests could cause chaos. Plus, even if your climate control system is functioning normally, a maintenance call could improve efficiency.
Hopefully, these tips make you feel able to be an excellent host or hostess. Consider that by opening your home, you’re making life easier for a loved one who’s on the road.

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